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Couple Hugging During Group Marital Therapy

Batterer's Intervention Group

The IFS Domestic Violence Program is committed to ending men's violence by challenging the community to define individual and collective roles in a coordinated response to domestic violence. We are also part of a unified vision of change and strategy for zero tolerance of domestic violence.

The IFS Batterer’s Intervention Group (BIG) uses the Domestic Abuse Project curriculum from Duluth, Minnesota. This 26-week model is recognized as one of the best means available to assist men in changing abusive behavior patterns.


  • To assist each man in the group to review past abuse and come to an understanding of how this behavior relates to personal issues of power and control.
  • To increase each man’s willingness to change abusive behaviors on himself, family members, and others.
  • To help each man look at the way our culture has supported violence and had failed to hold us accountable, and to examine specific beliefs that underlie such behavior.
  • To gain some practical information and ideas on how to change abusive and controlling behavior by exploring non-controlling and non-abusive ways of relating to himself, his partner, and others.